'Alexa, add yourself to BMWs and Minis in 2018...'

BMW has announced that it will integrate Amazon's Alexa to new BMW and Mini models.

The voice-activated assistant will appear on all of its new cars from mid-2018 and follows on from the announcement that Mercedes-Benz will integrate both Alexa and Google Home into its models.

2017 BMW 520d Touring

Alexa has the ability to handle thousands of functions, and with the BMW Connected app it can give the driver key vehicle information. Alexa also has the ability to control some vehicle functions entirely remotely, such as turning the heater on before you get into the car on a cold day.

The best part about Alexa's integration into BMW and Mini cars is that a smartphone isn't even needed. With the car's inbuilt sim card, the car can connect to the internet itself to access the function, and the car's infotainment screen can handle all of the necessary visual information, rather than in being displayed on a phone screen.

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