You’d be in for a difficult time if you wanted to pop into an Aston Martin dealership and buy a new Valkyrie – not only are all 150 of the ultra-exclusive supercars sold out, but they’re going to be tailored to fit each customer.

An exact price hasn’t been revealed, but each Valkyrie is said to cost around £2.5m, so you expect a little special treatment for that kind of money. 

There’s customisation of the interior available – choice of materials, seat cover, dashboard and colour – but the layout and seat will be designed around precise measurements of the driver. The seat will be fixed in place and moulded around the occupant and the position will be based on their arm reach. 

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‘You’re basically seated in a racing position,’ says Mark Gauntlett, Aston Martin’s VIP sales manager. ‘So your feet are quite high up above your hips.’

The Valkyrie is a 1000bhp V12 hybrid monster that’s been designed in conjunction with Adrian Newey and the engineering team at Red Bull F1. 

With this level of customisation going on, it’s no surprise that first deliveries won’t take place until 2019.

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