You’re perhaps not aware that the Nissan X-Trail is currently the best-selling SUV in the world, but Nissan is – which is why it’s given the 2018 model series a thorough update to ensure it remains a chart-topper.

Nissan X-Trail for dogs:

On sale in the UK now, with prices starting from £23,385, the 2018 X-Trail has been given a bona fide facelift: following the lead of the Nissan Qashqai, the grille now boasts a more defined ‘V-motion’ look, while the front bumper packs in more body-colour detailing and the headlights have a revised daytime running light signature. Full LED lights are standard on Tekna grade, and Nissan’s reshaped the front fog lamps from round to rectangular.

2018 Nissan X-Trail
2018 Nissan X-Trail
2018 Nissan X-Trail

Detail spotters will also note the front parking sensors are now flush-fitted, rather than sitting proud of the bumper surface. At the rear, there’s a new full LED lamp signature and, at the side, a chrome strip on the base of the doors for upper-grade versions. Nissan’s offering four new colours as well: Monarch Orange (pictured here), Palatial Ruby, Sapphire Blue and Picador Brown.

Inside, a quality uplift is headlined by a new D-shaped steering wheel that, smaller but chunkier and improves the view of the instruments. Cabin material quality has been improved, there’s a revised central armrest, gloss black air vents and fancy leather knee pads on the sides of the dash. Both heated front and middle row seats are offered as well – only the third row of seats in the seven-seat X-Trail are unheated.

Rather impressively, Nissan’s made the boot bigger: it’s up from 550 litres to 565 litres thanks to better packaging, and there’s now an electric tailgate option to make things easier.

2018 Nissan X-Trail
2018 Nissan X-Trail

Nissan will also in time offer ProPilot autonomous assist tech on the X-Trail. Within a single lane, this can take over steering, acceleration and braking during heavy traffic, easing the load on the driver. It’s the first stage in a more widespread roll-out of Nissan ProPilot autonomous drive technology.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the new X-Trail is its range of engines: the 1.6-litre dCi 130 continues to be the core of the range, with a punchier 2.0-litre dCi 177 for those who need to tow or maximise the X-Trail’s optional all-wheel drive running gear, and a 1.6-litre turbo petrol for those who are worried about emissions.

Nissan is also offering a ‘Paw Pack’ on the new X-Trail: a package comprising a dog guard, ramp, dog bed, non-spill water bowl, boot liner and an accessory holdall to pack it all into. Because Brits love dogs even more than the world loves the Nissan X-Trail.

Source: Nissan

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