The current bad press around diesel doesn’t seem to have hurt the appeal of secondhand diesel cars: they remain the most popular type of fuel for a secondhand car in Britain, latest research has found.

Britain to ban combustion engines:

Auto Trader has surveyed over 13,000 motorists, analysed 55 million website visits and looked at the average of 450,000 used cars on its site, and discovered: diesel prices are on the UP.

The average price of a used diesel increased 6 percent in August compared to a year ago, reports Auto Trader, while the first half of the year shows a 4 percent increase in used diesel car transactions. And it’s not because people are rushing to sell their diesel cars, either: the number of private diesel ads on the site was up a negligible 0.3 percent in August.

55 percent of Auto Trader searches in the first half of the year were for diesel, belying expectations that used diesel searches would fall in the light of negative press. And of those selling a diesel car, almost half of them say they’re going to buy another.

Only 1 in 10 used diesel vendors said the negative press was behind their decision to sell. Proving, says Auto Trader, that “motorists are generally unmoved by the diesel debate or the Government’s 2040 announcement”.

Source: Auto Trader


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