It's a controversial topic that has divided many in recent weeks – did Bugatti fake its incredible 249mph run on video the other week? How could it possibly have captured the world's fastest car on the move? 

Camera cars are difficult things to get right – Top Gear had a fondness for the Range Rover, thanks to its smooth ride and split-opening tailgate, and we've been using Vicky Parrott's long-term Skoda Kodiaq as a tracking car on recent Motor1 UK shoots. Great options both, but neither of them can drive at anything close to 249mph.

2016 - Bugatti Chiron

How can you possibly track a Chiron hitting 249mph in 32.6 seconds? Well, you'll need another Chiron.

We can exclusively reveal that Bugatti used a second model of its already-iconic hypercar to film the run, but Bugatti remains coy about the special system it developed to make sure the camera stayed on – because for sure a clamp and a bit of sticky tape wouldn't cut the mustard at that speed. 

And who was this mystery driver who had the speed and the guts to keep up with Monaco GP winner Juan-Pablo Montoya?

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