The Volkswagen California has proven a popular model among motorhome aficionados, and it hopes to continue some of that camper van magic with its new California XXL motorhome concept. 

The XXL previews the family holiday of the near future, and features underfloor heating and all-wheel drive for year-round practicality, a pull-out washroom, digital projector and masses of storage. 

2017 Volkswagen California XXL Concept

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The 2.2m-high motorhome features an impressive panoramic roof to let natural light in during the day and allow occupants to admire the night sky from the comfort of their beds. A double bed at the back of the van accounts for adult passengers, while there’s a pull-out alcove bed above the driving cabin that’s designed for children. 

Volkswagen has tried to take care of the small details with the XXL – there are nine 220V plugs for powering essential gadgets, as well as six USB sockets. A small draw beside the sliding door of the XXL has been designed for muddy shoes, and there’s even an espresso machine built into the cupboards above the dining table. 

2017 Volkswagen California XXL Concept

A tablet that sits on the wall can be used to control the lighting and other systems around the vehicle, and the double bed at the rear of the motorhome can even be heated or cooled depending on the weather. The onboard bathroom is accessed via a sliding door that emerges to reveal a wetroom with full-size toilet, shower and sink. 

The outside of the XXL is painted in a two-tone colour scheme, and kudos to Volkswagen – Mojave Beige is probably the most exciting name for a dull colour we’ve come across.

2017 Volkswagen California XXL Concept

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Power comes from a 2-litre 178bhp/302lb ft turbodiesel engine, which works with VW’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system to maintain traction. A final exciting feature on the XXL is the pneumatic suspension, which can be varied once the van’s parked up to ensure that the motorhome is nice and level over varied terrain. 

Volkswagen is planning to put the XXL into production – a company insider told us that they expect the van to go on sale for a little north of £60,000.

Gallery: Volkswagen California XXL Concept