Car dealers are canny operators, so it’s unusual to hear about them paying over the odds for cars. But that’s exactly what a group of Peugeot dealers voluntarily did recently in a closed auction for the first nearly-new 3008 SUVs to hit the market.

Twelve 3008s were recently sold as part of a 178-strong Peugeot used car auction – for an average price of 19 percent MORE than the CAP book price for a nearly-new 3008. Some went for even more than that: an Allure 1.2 PureTech auto made a whopping 133 percent of its official dealer trade purchase price!

The 3008s were sold as part of a special auction that the firm says was held to retain the very best used stock within the dealer network. If you want a top-notch used Peugeot, the French firm wants you to visit one of its dealers before anyone else.

The 3008 itself is so keenly sought after by traders, says Peugeot used car director Martin Gurney, because 'dealers are experiencing high demand for the car, and the first used examples will be a very appealing proposition for customers.

'Making these available at a closed auction ensures that the Peugeot dealer network has full visibility over the best stock.'

Of course, if you’re paying that much for a used car, you might just consider paying a bit more to get a new one. If you do, Peugeot is just one of many brands currently running scrappage-style incentive offers. Check out the full list here if joining a lengthy queue to get a used 3008 isn’t for you.

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