Kia has unveiled its slinky shooting-brake style Proceed Concept at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, and it smells fantastic…

Bored of ‘normal’ hot hatches? Want something a bit, er, longer? Well Kia may have the answer with this – the rather stunning Kia Proceed Concept.

Kia Proceed Concept
Kia Proceed Concept

Kia describes this as an “extended hatch”, but most of us would say it’s got the distinctive, swoopy, four-door estate looks of a shooting brake. Details like the chrome shark fin detail behind the rear door, the long, tapering window line and the overtly angular air intakes at the front all make it look very slick and purposeful.

Perhaps less successful is a dash that allows you to change the scent in the car; you can choose between aged leather, classic car garage or high octane fuel, apparently. Odd. 

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Kia Proceed Concept

The Proceed Concept previews what could become a new bodystyle for the forthcoming 2018 Kia Cee’d range, which will launch first as a hatchback and estate. Kia will drop the three-door bodystyle of the current Procee'd for the next generation, as demand for three door hatches has dropped (witness the five-door only Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Mercedes A-Class et al).

If a hot, shooting brake version of the Cee’d will look anything like this in reality, we sincerely hope that Kia goes ahead and makes it. Just maybe without the smelly dash.