Mercedes doesn't want Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Koenigsegg to have all of the hypercar fun – at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show AMG will reveal its new 217mph contender.

In another teaser before the main event, Mercedes-AMG has stated that a top speed 'exceeding 217mph' will be possible, largely thanks to over 1,000bhp. Codenamed Project One, this extreme machine will be the fastest and most powerful road-legal AMG in its history. Not a bad way to celebrate 50 years.

Shadowy images reveal a silhouette not too dissimilar from the legendary Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

It won’t just have the looks of a race-bred machine, it will have the heart of one, too. Project One will be powered by a variation of the same 1.6-litre turbocharged engine found in Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 car.

Just like the F1 car it will be a hybrid, enabling it to harvest energy through braking and its own turbo. The stored energy can then be deployed to reduce any performance delay to virtually zero.

The combustion engine and electric motors power the rear wheels, while two more electric motors drive the front wheels. Project One’s advanced all-wheel drive will allow it to make the most of its vast power.

Mercedes-AMG Project One underpinnings
Mercedes-AMG Project One
Mercedes-AMG Project One underpinnings

Project One will have an automated manual gearbox. Why not a dual-clutch like many other hypercars? There isn’t currently a transmission of that type able to deal with the high 11,000rpm redline of the AMG.

Mark the date in your diary: 11 September 2017, the day AMG will reveal one of the most technologically advanced performance cars the world has ever seen.

Mercedes-AMG Project One rendering

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