Nissan has joined the ranks of car manufacturers offering scrappage deals – and it includes an innovative used car scrappage deal on top of the regular new car incentives. This offer, it says, will lower the prohibitive cost barrier into a fully electric car. 

Scrappage latest:

The Leaf is Britain's best-selling electric car and has been on sale since 2011. It means there are plenty of secondhand models in the approved used Nissan network: the firm is using these models to offer its scrappage added bonus. 

It's based around a 3.9 percent APR PCP scheme, to which Nissan offers a £2,000 scrappage incentive. If the buyer has an old car that worth £2,500, it sees the monthly cost of moving to a 2014-vintage Leaf Acenta plummet to just £87, a unique offer Nissan GB MD Alex Smith says will help drivers of older vehicles 'make the switch to cleaner electric power'. 

2p per mile running costs will also appeal.

For those who must have a brand-new car, Nissan's scrappage deals, run under its Switch Scheme initiative, are more conventional, although similarly striking. As much as £5,000 can be saved on an X-Trail and £4,500 on both a Qashqai and Juke; even the new 2018 Nissan Qashqai comes with a £3,500 saving.

Buyers must act fast, though. Unlike other initiatives, the Nissan scheme only runs to the end of September. 

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