Tesla has announced a number of useful equipment upgrades for the Model S and Model X range in time for the September registration plate change – and all changes come at no extra cost.

The affordable new Tesla is here:

Family drivers will be most interested by the Model X upgrade; it now gets full fold-flat rear seats for the second and third rows. Previously, only the seven-seater’s third row seats folded flat, with the middle row remaining fixed and firmly in the way. Not ideal if you have cumbersome DIY jobs on your to-do list. On all cars ordered from now, Tesla will save your car park embarrassment.

The Model S, meanwhile, now comes with Smart Air Suspension at no extra cost. As well as making the ride super-smooth, this also includes auto raise and lower functionality via GPS: it will, for example, sense when you’re near a steep driveway and automatically pump up the suspension so you can drive straight on, scrape-free.

Both 75kWh Model S and Model X receive a magical over-the-air software update that improves the 0-60mph time by a full one second: in the Model S, that takes it down to just 4.3 seconds. Ensuring the fastest cars in their class remain that way. 

Both new models are available to order now (although even in-stock Model S and Model X get the acceleration update). The Model S 75kWh is priced from £60,000, the Model X 75kWh from £70,500.

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