Replaces California T in the most beguiling way.

Ferrari has revealed the stunning new Portofino, an elegant new open-top GT redesign of the unloved California T. Equipped with the 591bhp twin-turbo V8 from the 488 GTB supercar, the new model will make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

2018 Ferrari Portofino
2018 Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari says the new Portofino – proudly referencing “one of Italy’s most beautiful towns” – is significantly lighter than the California T, yet a redesigned body structure means it is also more rigid and robust. Oh, and it’s fast: 0-62mph will take just 3.5 seconds, slightly up on the California T which used a 552bhp version of this engine. Top speed? Ferrari's talking of more than 199mph, which is a polite way of indicating this is going to be a 200mph convertible 2+2.

Expect it to handle much better than its predecessor as well. Ferrari’s fitted, for the first time on an open-top GT, its third-generation electronic rear differential, which it says will give the Portofino more grip and controllability on the limit. It also has electronic power steering, which should make the big 2+2 more responsive.

The old car’s magnetic dampers have been upgraded with dual-coil technology, giving both a useful reduction in roll but also better ride quality, particularly over challenging surfaces. Meanwhile, the redesigned engine is even more potent, even more responsive and, impressively, even more fuel-efficient; it does 26.9mpg combined, the same as the new 2018 BMW M5.

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2018 Ferrari Portofino

All eyes are on the styling though, created in-house at the Ferrari Design Centre in Maranello. The firm reckons the two-box fastback design is “unprecedented” in a coupe-convertible, which tightens up and improves upon the lines of the California T considerably. It appears less flabby and generally much more Ferrari-like. 

Ferrari has given it full LED headlights, complex side air intakes which exit stylishly through the front wings, and a simple, classical set of circular rear tail lamps positioned much further apart to give the car a more planted stance.

2018 Ferrari Portofino
2018 Ferrari Portofino

It’s been given an interior upgrade too: Ferrari’s fantastic latest-gen 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system is fitted, there’s a new steering wheel, redesigned seats and a full-updated air conditioning system that is more efficient both roof up and own. A new wind deflector also cuts wind noise and bluster inside the cabin by almost a third with the roof down.  

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