Volkswagen announces incentives to trade in old diesel engines.

Volkswagen’s attempts to redeem itself post-Dieselgate continue, with a range of measures announced to decrease emissions. 

The Germany manufacturer will offer ‘trade-in incentives’ for all Euro 1-4 diesel models across the Volkswagen Group brands.

VW CEO Matthias Müller says: ‘With the incentive to trade in their vehicles we are giving our customers strong motivation to switch to a modern, more environmentally compatible vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine or an alternative drivetrain technology.

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‘Our comprehensive package of measures will significantly reduce NOx emissions and significantly improve air quality.’

The incentive scheme is set to be run by Volkswagen’s passenger car brands – VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche – across the whole of Europe and not just in Germany.

The German manufacturer has also announced further software updates that will be rolled out across Europe on Euro 5 and some Euro 6. VW claims that as a result of the software changes, NOx emissions from its vehicles can be reduced by an average 25 to 30 percent.