There won't be a seven-seat Range Rover, says design chief, but there will be other new models.

Sad news if you're looking for a posh SUV with a couple of extra seats – Land Rover’s head of design, Gerry McGovern, has said that the British manufacturer won’t be producing a seven-seat Range Rover any time soon. 

Indeed, he said that customers looking for a people-carrying Land Rover might as well go ahead and buy the seven-seat Discovery model, as it’s ‘probably equal or not far off the Range Rover in terms of premium-ness’. 

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The company is, however, looking at producing a new range-topping model that will challenge Bentley in terms of luxury, and McGovern told Australia’s Car Advice magazine that he’d be keen on bringing back a two-door version of the Range Rover along the lines of the original model from 1970. 

McGovern was in the headlines a few weeks ago for criticising former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham's role in the design of a special edition Range Rover Evoque.

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