Jaguar Land Rover UK MD Jeremy Hicks has revealed the new Range Rover Velar already has a full order bank for the first three months of production – before anyone had even seen or driven the new model at a dealer. British dealers are now receiving their first stocks of new Velar ahead of deliveries officially beginning in September, but if you order one now, it’s almost certain you won’t be taking delivery before 2018. 

Range Rover Velar First Edition
Range Rover Velar First Edition

The new five-seat Velar mid-size SUV is a new model for Range Rover. The car is its fourth model, joining Range Rovers Evoque and Sport plus the Range Rover pinnacle. It sits between the smash-hit Evoque and the premium-priced Range Rover Sport; Land Rover says that for some buyers, the Evoque is too cheap and the Sport is too dear. It’s hoping the Velar will prove just right.

Hicks told us sales are likely to be strong: the firm currently isn’t making estimates, but “somewhere below Evoque and above Sport would work nicely for us”. In a full year, the Evoque sells around 20,000 units in the UK, and the Sport sells around 13,000 units. So, around 15,000 Velar in Britain per year? Hicks was saying nothing…

More Velar news:

The firm has been careful to make sure the Velar grows its sales base, rather than cannibalising it, explained Hicks. This is why it has a more car-like feel than the Sport, why its cabin is so much more premium than the Evoque. And initial research suggests it’s been successful: of the early orders, two in three of them are new to the Land Rover brand – "and only 5 percent of them are Range Rover Sport owners".

Prices for the Velar start at £44,830, but Hicks says that really is just the starting point. Early orders suggest transaction prices approaching £60,000 will be commonplace for the Velar – that’s why Land Rover has launched an ultra-exclusive First Edition (pictured below), to be sold only in the first year of production. Price? Yours from a cool £83,350…

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