Given such a vast collection, we wonder how many of these special cars were ever driven.

The Sultan of Brunei is internationally famous for having one of the craziest car collections in the entire world, but photos of the automotive treasure trove rarely surface.

However, Instagram user Taffy CS has been posting fascinating images from inside the amazing garage, and GTBoards has assembled some of these photos together in the video above.

The scanned photographs show some unbelievable sights. There are Ferraris as far as the eye can see. It would take a team all day to move supercars out of the way to get the ones in the back out of the garage.

Porsche and Mercedes even have their own dedicated rows. Perhaps most shocking is seeing multiple Jaguar XJ220s together, and each one is a different color. 

Sultan Of Brunei Garage Video

The Sultan particularly likes yellow, too. Vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes and an array of other manufacturers appear in the clip in the same lemon-y shade.

Be sure to take a good look at some of the ultra-rare and unique models in this collection. There’s a good look at one of the Sultan's six Bentley Dominator SUVs (in yellow naturally) with an alleged original purchase price of £3.5m each. 

Taffy CS explains how he got these amazing photos in a comment for the clip on YouTube: 'My friend was miraculously given the permission to take pictures of the huge garages during his stay in Brunei,' he writes.

'Unfortunately the time was limited and he did not know where to start knowing that the collection was more than 3,000 cars in the main garage alone. He skipped many sections of the garage unfortunately due to the massive area and with only two rolls of camera film.'

In a separate comment, he said: 'It's a miracle that those pictures were not lost after 16 years. All of the printed photos were in the album but sadly the picture negatives did not survive.'

Check out Taffy CS’s Instagram for even more photos that don’t appear in the video. For example, the photo below demonstrates the Sultan’s apparent fondness for the Jaguar XK8.


Source: via YouTube, taffy_c_s_145 via Instagram, Ferrari Chat