The high-octane world of Formula One is a unique environment filled with big stars, fast cars, and some questionable fashion choices. When the chequered flag has been waved and the motorhomes have been packed away, have you ever wondered what some of F1’s biggest talents drive home?

What does Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, and Mika Hakkinen have in common? They all own a McLaren P1. Whilst many Formula One teams have strict contracts with their drivers as to what cars they can turn up to work in, that doesn’t stop them from having their own private garage.

Usually shrouded in secrecy, these multi-million pound car parks reveal what F1’s finest like to drive when not doing 200mph on track. For some that involves cruising the tax haven of Monte Carlo in a classic, but for others who just can’t give up the love of speed, it means some rather exotic machinery.

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