Classic Rallycross icon finds itself in the hay.

Goodwood 2017 is now in full swing with some of the world’s finest cars charging up the famous hillclimb. Sadly, it doesn’t always go smoothly, and the driver of this Ford RS200 found out the hard way.

Former British Rallycross champion Pat Doran and his 1986 Ford RS200 Evo 2 ended up in the hay after the car started to slide. The RS200 seems to have wriggled as it accelerated down a short straight. The loss of control caused the car to stray onto slippery grass where it began to slide. The result? Ploughing into the infamous Molecomb corner, which has seen countless drivers fall foul of its complexities. Red flags were waved as marshals tidied up.

Thankfully Pat emerged unscathed, but the RS200 lay broken across the tarmac.

Ford RS200
Ford RS200
Ford RS200

Pat and that very Group B RS200 have a history of misadventure as three years ago the car burst into flames at a historic Rallycross event at Lynden Hill.

The RS200 has is an incredibly fast machine, but it carries a reputation. Built by Ford to contend in the later banned Group B Rally series, the mid-engine all-wheel drive car was involved in a high profile crash in 1986 which killed three spectators. This lead to the banning of Group B cars from the World Rally Championship. In the same year, an RS200 lost control at the ADAC Rallye Hessen and crashed into a tree. Immediately erupting into flames, driver Marc Surer was severely injured as he was thrown out of the car, but co-driver Michel Wyder died in the accident. Later Evolution models, such as Pat Doran’s, went on to compete in Rallycross.

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