Pick your favourites from the UK contingent at Camp Jeep 2017.

A team from Motor1 UK was at Camp Jeep 2017 in the north east of Germany, meeting dedicated Jeep owners and  taking part in some of the off-road challenges and fun activities. 

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Meet Jeep owner Jim Olexa

Jim is a director of the Jeep Owner's Group in the UK, and first drove a Jeep off-road 20 years ago. He says that nothing has ever put a smile on his face like driving a Jeep.


Meet Jeep owner Stewart Harding

Stewart is (also) a director of the Jeep Owner's Club – he drives a bright orange Wrangler with a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine that he's modified. He used to drive a BMW but says that he found it a bit boring.


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