Fans of the prancing horse rejoice! The hotly anticipated 2018 instalment of the Autosport International show, based at the NEC in Birmingham, has a new headliner.

Ferrari will be the centrepiece at the pre-season event, bringing with it history, passion and a sense of occasion that turns even the most reserved enthusiasts into giddy children.

The beauty of Ferrari being involved is the sheer breadth of performance cars that wear the coveted badge – thanks to Corsa Clienti, Ferrari’s prestigious customer racing programme, there will be everything from legendary sports cars to top tier Formula 1 icons!

Ferrari Autosport International
Ferrari Autosport International

Corsa Clienti works with its clients via the Corsa Pilota programme to build their skills and understanding of the machine they possess.

Ranging from cars such as the 488 GTB to the skunkworks Ferrari XX program, being a part of such a prestigious brand is a rare thing indeed.

Ferrari is even willing to sell F1 cars to these lucky individuals providing the car is at least two years old – the minimum age prevents the team's latest motorsport technology from finding bad company.

These rare beasts can be looked after by F1 technicians in Maranello and delivered to tailored Ferrari events where the owner can really experience their car in the environment it was intended.

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As well as the astonishing collection of famed red cars celebrating 70 years of Ferrari, there will also be displays from all over the motorsport and performance car world.

Autosport International takes place 11th-14th January 2018 and tickets are available now.

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