Fiat has set an official Guinness World Record at its Mirafiori plant with 1,495 of its 500 city cars being collected in two days. 

The new owners won their cars as part of a competition by Fiat and Italian supermarket chain Esselunga. 

The record could have been higher, with 1,520 cars lined up outside the Italian manufacturer's historic facility - but 25 people weren't able to pick their new cars up on the day. 

2017 Fiat 500

High as the number is, it doesn't add too many deliveries to the six million that have already taken place since the 500 was first launched. 

For this record attempt, Fiat put together a special edition 500 in pastel white with Esselunga stickers and a numbered plaque inside. The whole event was arranged to celebrate the shop's 60th anniversary. 

We're not sure that anyone would be quite so pleased at winning a Fiat 500 Budgens special edition, mind. 

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