It seems every supercar brand worth its salt is falling over itself to talk about hybrid tech this, electric drive that. Not Lamborghini. It's already eschewed the idea of a full EV supercar, and now it's cementing its celebration of all things high-revving and petrol-powered with the opening of a new acoustic test room. 

This is where future models will be tuned and perfected to sound as wild and sonorous as any good Lamborghini ought. The noise a supercar makes "represents one of the most emotive experiences attached to the super sports car marque" and the new studio will allow engineers to adjust "particular sound sensations in order to create the typical Lamborghini driving experience, involving all the senses". 

Expect the upcoming new Urus SUV to be spending a fair bit of time in the sound studio – Lamborghini is desperate for its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 to sound just as Lambo-like as its V10 Huracan and V12 Aventador models. Looking further ahead, Lamborghini is also to to join the hybrid bandwagon with a plug-in Urus; we can't wait to find out how they make that sound Lambo-like.

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Engines and exhausts aren't the only thing Lamborghini will be tuning in the new acoustic sound studio, either. It's also going to be testing lightweight components to make sure they 'sound' good, too. The firm has a luxury image to maintain: carbon fibre components, for example, may well be super-light, but if they sound like twanging a piece of cheap plastic when you strike them, they may as well not be there. Lamborghini's desperate to add lightness, but only the right sort of lightness...

Source: Lamborghini

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