Audi's excitement for its all-new A8 flagship builds, and the teasers are continuing. Now, we have a video to whet our appetites, primarily showing off the new car's traffic jam pilot assist. Watch the driver take off his hands and let the car do the hard work of stop and go traffic. 

But there's more. We also catch a glimpse of the new A8's interior, which includes the latest generation of the Audi Virtual Cockpit. Given how even the new Volkswagen Polo is getting a version of the first-generation system, it's probably about time Audi upped the ante: the new A8 is the car to do it.

Video viewers will also just be able to make out the new integrated central infotainment screen, which is an evolution of technology has been showing at the CES tech show in Last Vegas over the past couple of years. We expect an additional touchscreen on the lower dash for operating the climate control system, although this frustratingly remains just out of eyeshot.

Audi's video also shows off the new A8's full LED headlights, chrome-laden front bumper and prominent 'quattro' logo. This is unlikely to be the last teaser we're going to be treated to, but it's the first one that gives a hint as to what's inside. And if you're all teased out, don't worry: the new Audi A8 will finally be revealed in full at the first-ever Audi Summit in Barcelona on 11 July. Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series owners may well be watching with interest. 

Source: Audi


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