Our world exclusive video twin test of the new Honda Civic Type R with the Ford Focus RS is currently grabbing all the headlines: Honda's new hot hatch hero is a red-hot stormer, as our man Alex explained in his video first drive of the turbocharged charger. But it seems even this isn't enough for Honda – the chief engineer of the Type R has admitted Honda is already working on more.

Speaking to Automotive News, Hideki Matsumoto said the company's plan is to "maintain a more stable sales volume". The initial rush may be dramatic but Honda knows that there will in time be new kids in town – so Matsumoto-san is making sure the hot Civic is ready for them. 

He's not yet ready to fully spill the beans, bit did admit that more power is likely. More intriguingly, he also seemed to suggest an all-wheel drive model could be on the agenda, focusing the Civic Type R "more on the grand touring aspect". The suspension would be a bit softer and the demeanour a little less extreme. Although we are talking relatives here. 

Others within Honda have suggested they may want to take advantage of the Civic Type R buzz, too. A hot model positioned between today's Sport hatch and the Type R may be in development – using a tuned-up version of the existing 182hp engine. Engineers have "things that they can do with this motor," said Civic senior product planner Rob Keough...

Source: Automotive News


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