Tesla has teased a first image of its next car in a phone call with shareholders no doubt keen to hear whether the electric car manufacturer is ever going to make some money. 

CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the new car would be called the Model Y and that it will have its own platform and will be built in a dedicated factory. 

Tesla Model Y teaser

The image shared with investors by Elon Musk doesn't give anything much away, aside from the notable lack of wing mirrors on this initial render.

Tesla now has solid car-building experience thanks to its S, X and 3 models, all of which it will draw on when putting the Y into production. The car will also benefit from next-generation versions of current Tesla systems, including its Autopilot autonomous driving system. 

It had been expected that the new car would be based on the same engineering platform as the new Model 3, which the company has already started taking deposits for, but Musk’s announcement throws that out of the window. 

The Model Y is understood to be a small SUV in the same vein as the Audi Q3 or Nissan Juke. It will go into production in 2019 ahead of going out to customers in 2020.

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