Have you ever felt like your Audi R8 didn’t quite have enough presence on the road? German tuning company Prior Design has come up with an eye-catching set of modifications to help your R8 stand out from the Knightsbridge crowd. 

The modified Audi gets a wider rear end complete with air vents behind the rear wheels and an aggressive air diffuser, side skirts and a new front bumper with added lip spoiler, giving the car the air of a hardcore racer. 

The add-ons are all made of a fibreglass-duraflex mix, which is designed to be a bit more forgiving than normal fibreglass for a bit more flexibility when driving over speed bumps and trying to get into underground car parks. 


If you didn’t feel like even this was quite enough, the firm will also sell you a new interior package, revised suspension system, a reprofiled exhaust and even a roof scoop for pretend extra air into the cabin when you’re on an imaginary long run at the Le Mans 24-hour race. 

The standard kit costs around £9,000, which could be considered a bargain when compared with the £123,680 on-the-road price of the 5.2-litre petrol-engined supercar that comes with 540hp. That said, superglue and installation will cost extra. 

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