President Trump has been keen to show us Europeans how things are done, not least when it comes to his new limo. The commander-in-chief's Cadillac has been spied undergoing final testing at GM's proving grounds in the USA, and it's yuge – certainly more imposing than a Citroen DS 7.  

Details of the car will be kept a close secret for reasons of national security, but the car's designers will no doubt use the previous president's runabout as the prototype for the new model.

President Barack Obama's Cadillac limousine quickly earned the nickname of 'The Beast', thanks to its 8-litre V8 diesel truck engine, which propelled the eight-tonne behemoth to a 60mph top speed and managed 4.4mpg fuel economy.

Exact information of the car's specification was classified, but the vehicle featured 13cm-thick windows and solid 20-cm doors that were designed to withstand a direct rocket strike. Other novelties included a sealed air supply and a stash of the president's blood type in the boot in case doctors might need it. Each vehicle cost over £1m, with 12 examples on rotation. 

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Even though it’s surely no Cadillac underneath, the exterior bits leave no doubt that the president of the United States rides in an American luxury car. The limo is seen sporting Cadillac’s trademark grille and vertical headlights, with a bit of Cadillac design flavour in the sides as well, though the proportions are certainly skewed because in actuality, this limo is far taller than any GM saloon.

It's the back where things get interesting, as the styling is unlike anything we’ve seen thus far from the Cadillac stable. The rear pillar is thicker and sports a steeper rake than the previous limo, giving Trump’s forthcoming ride a profile not unlike a Rolls-Royce. Perhaps this is a new styling feature for GM’s luxury division that will appear on future models.

That said, perhaps the longer tail is built to accommodate mobile internet servers, so the president can have continued social media conversations via Twitter during power outages or global thermonuclear war.

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