As if driving on an island with no speed limits on main roads and featuring one of the most iconic race circuits in the world wasn’t encouragement enough to enjoy driving, police on the Isle of Man have taken delivery of a BAC Mono panda car. 

The single-seater performance car won’t much good for arresting anyone, but the force intends to use it at local festivals and events to try and promote a road safety message. 

The dedicated driver of the Mono is PC Andy Greaves, an advanced driver, police motorcyclist and collision investigator. ‘Every opportunity we get, we stop and talk to visitors. Having a show-stopper like a BAC Mono police car on the fleet makes that so much easier.’

It’s a remarkable vehicle, and clearly will be of huge interest to bikers and car drivers alike. We are here to promote safe use of the road, and it’s amazing how many people want to talk to you when this is your transport.’

The Mono has been on sale since 2011 and features a four-cylinder 305bhp 2.5-litre Mountune engine, which takes the 580kg car from 0-60mph in just 2.8sec. Performance that should come in handy if PC Greaves ever needs to engage in a chase – that power to weight ratio of 526bhp per tonne is probably the closest any police car will ever get to 999.

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