It's a company car poster child.

The Skoda Kodiaq is proving to be something of a hit among private car buyers: it's extremely well-priced, is intelligently designed and, most importantly, drives really well. Now, Skoda's looking to push the its new large seven-seat SUV's appeal among company car drivers with a new fleet-focused edition called SE Technology. 

The rationale here is simple: add in all the stuff company car drivers need, without burdening them with the bits they don't. As such, the SE Technology most importantly gets standard sat nav as standard - with further allure added by the fact this is part of the Skoda Connect technology pack. This brings smartphone mirroring, live traffic and weather info, calendar updates, easy syncing of contacts between smartphone and car, plus super-precise Google Maps sat nav mapping. 

Skoda Connect also includes a smartphone app, so forgetful company car drivers can remotely see how much fuel is in their car, whether they've locked it or, indeed, where they've actually left it. Meanwhile, fleet operators' duty of care is covered a bit more completely by an automatic emergency call function: if the airbags go off, it instantly connects to a live operator in the Skoda emergency centre, so help can be sent if necessary.

Skoda's cannily paired the SE Technology with just one engine choice, the 2.0-litre TDI 150. Pick it either with manual or DSG automatic, front- or four-wheel drive: it can also be had with either five or seven seats, with prices starting from a mere £26,860. Even the all-singing top-line version comes in at just over £29,000, thus ensuring fleet driver benefit-in-kind tax payments are kept sensible. Skoda's capped prices by not fitting the SE Technology with fancy bits and pieces such as leather seats and humungous alloy wheels.

"We are already seeing excellent growth in fleet channels, said Skoda's head of fleet Henry Williams, "and the Kodiaq is an important addition to our fleet model range for 2017." Add in features such as standard front and rear parking sensors, plus autonomous emergency braking for what the firm argues is "the perfect rationale and emotive balance" for fleet drivers. 

Source: Skoda


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