Just over 1p splits diesel and petrol.

Fuel prices fell across the UK during May 2017, bringing welcome relief to motorists hitting the roads as weather across the country improved. The average price of a litre of unleaded dropped from 118.7p to 116.3p, a 2.4p reduction. Diesel was down even more, by 3.1p per litre.

Diesel fuel under attack:

The price differential between diesel and petrol also declined – diesel is now just 1.1p a litre more expensive than petrol, at an average of 117.4p per litre. Again, that’s welcome relief to diesel drivers seemingly under attack from all fronts. 

Even the gap between supermarket fuel retailers and other filling stations has fallen: the big supermarkets now have ‘just’ a 3p per litre advantage. You’ll be paying an average of 113.3p for a litre of unleaded at your local Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons retailer.

The North East sells the cheapest fuel in the UK, with a litre of unleaded costing 115.3p. But the South East’s price premium is not what it was, with unleaded costing 116.9p a litre. Diesel in the South East is rather more expensive though, at 118.1p per litre. 

The AA’s May 2017 fuel price report also reminds us that 66.5 percent of a litre of unleaded, and 66 percent of a litre of diesel, is taken as tax. Makes you want to fill up with super unleaded instead, where a mere 62.4 percent is taken as tax…

Source: The AA

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