In case you've ever looked at your Audi Q7 and thought 'gosh, this just isn't big and pointless enough for my needs', the German manufacturer has created the perfect SUV/coupe mashup to meet your desires.

The new Audi Q8 prototype was recently spotted testing at the notorious Nurburgring race track in western Germany, and for the first time our spy photographers were able to get a first look at the interior. 

2019 Audi Q8 spy photo
2019 Audi Q8 spy photo

The cabin has been largely carried over from the Q7 – specifically the SQ7 range topper – but there are some changes to mark out the new Q8. The most obvious novelty is the touchscreen mounted lower on the centre console, providing access to the air controls.

If the display seems familiar, that’s because the Q8 Concept as well as the Q8 Sport Concept both had similar setups. It’s a clear sign the secondary touch panel will make the transition from the two showcars to the road-going model. Perhaps the new A8 limo, due later this year, will also have it?

Audi Q8 Concept
2017 Audi Q8 Sport Concept

Getting back to the Q8 prototype, the upper touchscreen for the infotainment system has simply been screwed on to the top of the dashboard, obviously a provisional setup – the final version of the Audi Q8 will likely have the screen neatly integrated in the dash as was the case with the German manufacturer's recent concepts.

Not only that, but the boring analogue instrument dials will be replaced by the fancy Audi Virtual Cockpit, which will likely come as standard equipment. The system uses a 12.3-inch digital screen to display customisable information about the car as well as the usual speed, revs and fuel levels. 

Further pillaged from the current SQ7 is the steering wheel and the continuous vent dashboard design, but these will change on the production model, as will many of the other bits and bobs inside the cabin. Audi has already announced that it plans to launch the Q8 in 2018 and will offer the model with the company’s most powerful engines. Further down the line, a hotter SQ8 and/or a full-blown RS Q8 could also join the lineup.

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