Unless it starts racing an SUV, that is.

Porsche's Andreas Preuninger leads development of the firm's GT cars such as the recently refreshed GT3 and upcoming GT2 – and he’s abundantly clear the division has no intention to build hot versions of the Cayenne or Macan anytime soon. Preuninger sees Porsche’s GT lineup as being race cars for the road, and he believes that connection is vital for the division’s reputation among buyers.

'If we were to enter the Dakar rally with a Macan or Cayenne — something we have no plans to do — then maybe the Motorsport department would develop that car and bring it to the race. Then I would see a good excuse to make something for the street that is very close,' Preuninger told Car and Driver. 'But to just use a badge on a Panamera or Cayenne to make it more attractive, for me, would not be credible. It would only be marketing, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.'

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Porsche’s GT division isn’t the only part of the company capable of building a performance machine, though. The existing Cayenne Turbo S packs 570 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, and the carmaker’s boss has confirmed an even more potent Turbo S E-Hybrid trim of the next-gen model.

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