Agile Automotive promises a 419-horsepower sports car that weighs just 1,870 pounds, color us intrigued.

Another day, another sports car upstart hoping to disrupt the established hierarchy. In this case, it's Denmark's Agile Automotive that's calling its new SC sports car a 'Lotus rival', one with the performance to back it up… well, at least on paper.

Two models will reportedly be available at launch: the road-going SC122, pictured here in orange and beige, and the track-focused SCX, pictured in black. The two cars will be built atop a custom carbon fibre chassis, and will come with a range of varying performance options to boot.

Agile Automotive
Agile Automotive

The SCX will opt for a Toyota 2.0-litre engine good for either 178 or 274 horsepower – the latter will come courtesy of a supercharger bolted on. The more powerful SC122, meanwhile, will use a 3.5-litre V6 good for 419 hp. Both cars will tip the scales at 600 and 850 kilograms respectively, the SCX being the lighter of the two (and a very light car full stop).

Both models will come either with a standard five-speed manual or a seven-speed sequential transmission. The carbon fibre chassis will be built by F1 veterans House of Composites specifically for use in the two models, and the engine will be placed in the middle, just like any good sports car. The stripped-down SCX can be optioned out with 'unnecessary' features like, you know, a roof, or windscreen, all in the name of lightness.

The verdict is still out on details regarding price, availability, and most importantly, legitimacy. But if we’re to believe all the renders and details available on the website, Agile could build a serious sports car competitor. We'll know more when we see the car in the flesh rather than just a digital rendering.

Source: Agile Automotive

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