Audi’s model range expansion in the latest years is absolutely impressive. The German manufacturer has, or will soon have, a car in every core and niche segment – from classic saloons and estates, through a whole range of sports cars, to SUVs for everyone. The next step in this expansion is the addition of the Q8 and Q4 crossovers, which will arrive next year and in 2019 respectively. But is there a room for even more SUVs?

Ask Hungarian designer X-Tomi and he’ll say yes. Apparently, Audi needs to have a flagship coupe-SUV that is even more luxurious and modernistic than the upcoming Q8. And this virtual Q9 concept here is the model we are talking about – a futuristic, five-door SUV with sloping roofline, massive wheels, and aristocratic appearance. And probably an electric powertrain.

A hypothetical Q9 could use the platform of the Q8, but attract customers with a different and rather unusual design approach and more interior features. What we probably like the most about this design experiment is the multi-spoke set of wheels, which looks fantastic under these muscular wheel arches.

But most likely, the Q9 will remain just a designer’s fantasy. The range-topper of Audi’s SUV range will be the Q8, which will finally arrive in production form next year. It will combine “great spaciousness with emotive design” and will offer “the latest technologies in assistance and infotainment systems.” According to preliminary reports, the Q8 could become one of the most expensive models of the brand, with prices expected to start at around £60,000.

Roughly the same in size as the Q7, the vehicle will sit lower to the ground and will have a slightly wider track, which should result in a better handling and cornering. Production of the Q8 is planned to start next year in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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Source: X-Tomi Design