Ferrari purists, avert your gaze while you still can. While this may look like another stunning 250 GTE, of which just 950 original examples were produced, it’s actually a Frankencar of epic proportions. Gone is the original V12 – in its place is something from across the Atlantic.

That’s right, under the bonnet is a Chevy V8. Good for as much as 500hp, this American heart powers one of Italy’s most desirable classics. But that’s not the only upgrade you’ll find. A new Tremec five-speed manual gearbox, a rear quarter off an old Chrysler, and a set of replica Borrani wire wheels were added – those were the same wheels you’d find on the car when new. 

Chevy-Swapped Ferrari 250 GTE

The car was purchased, well worn, in San Jose, California by its current owner Gary Briggs, who initially thought it was a kit car given the low price. And though he did attempt to track down the numbers matching Colombo V12 and gearbox, a few dead ends lead to the installation of the Chevy V8. It retains a few original key components, like exhaust, interior, and most of the body panels.

Though thrilling as the Franken-Ferrari may be on the road, Gary thought it only necessary to pair it with a low-loader that was equally as unique. The Superhauler, then, is able to transport Gary’s eclectic collection in style. It’s a 1971 fire truck that was restored to its current look by Jack Dick Customs of California, and fitted with a 385hp Detroit Diesel.

Chevy-Swapped Ferrari 250 GTE

The Superhauler was "born from our desire to have our own personal transporter," said Gary. And that it needed to be "usable and comfortable for long distance travel." With a comfortable looking cabin and a unique design, I’d say it’s a success on both fronts.

Source: Motor Trend

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