Here is some handsome third party design work of an experimental Tesla supercar, called the Model EXP.

The free-time made project is a conceptualised high-performance monster, with four electric motors and independent torque vectoring, as well as fast charging, autonomous driving, and 360-degree cameras to share driving show and of course smart aerodynamics.

“When designing the car, I tried to use different surfaces and layers, playing with air flow, active aerodynamics and a big diffuser," Albizu says. 

"The 'open' rear lets the air flow freely and remove heat from the components easily while making the rear look aggressive and extreme. The front has a reinterpretation of the Tesla design language with clean lines and a sporty feeling thanks to the low nose and headlamps, quite in contrast with the more extreme rear. On the side I played with different materials, cutting front and rear visually and letting visible the capsule-like cabin.”

Tesla EXP hypercar rendering
Tesla EXP hypercar rendering
Tesla EXP hypercar rendering

At first, Xabier did not believe that electric cars could become a real alternative to combustion cars so quickly, but Tesla apparently changed his mind. His halo car concept is then a nice appreciation for Tesla’s achievements.

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Source: InsideEVs