The Dispatch van gets matching upgrades, too. They'll show up at Le Coq Sportif events this year.

We've all seen Citroen H vans turned into mobile coffee bars and the like - but now the manufacturer is celebrating the van's 70th anniversary by partnering with French sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif for a customised version of the classic hauler in a red, white, and blue livery.

The special H van will be on display along with a matching version of the modern Dispatch at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham.

Citroen has worked with Le Coq Sportif to make both vans into mobile bicycle workshops. Inside, the Type H features light shades of wood and places on the wall for hanging tools. The seats feature chocolate-coloured leather. In contrast, the Dispatch features a more modern aesthetic with black woodwork and white leather. 

Citroen Type H And New Dispatch

If you miss the vans in Birmingham, there’s still an opportunity to check out these bike carriers. Le Coq Sportif will be showing them at cycling events and its stores in the future.

With production running from 1947 to 1981, the Type H became a common sight on French roads. The front-wheel-drive layout also made them a precursor to light vans today.

Citroen recently paid tribute to the Type H’s 70th anniversary by highlighting a limited run of 70 body kits that give the latest Dispatch van the look of this classic commercial vehicle (see them together, below). The parts perfectly capture the Type H’s blunt grille and corrugated side panels, while still being somewhat modern.

Type H 70th anniversary

The conversion kits look amazing, and Citroen could probably find buyers for a lot more than 70 of them by offering this retro-inspired Dispatch straight from the factory. Plenty of companies would probably like to haul their goods in a model that looks so charming and that so many people have nostalgia for. 

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Source: Citroen

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