Dear Lamborghini, can we please get a recurring series of Lambos playing in the snow? A few weeks back we enjoyed a short film featuring a delectable Miura having a go in the white stuff, and though it wasn’t put out by Lamborghini proper, we can’t think of another organisation on the planet better equipped to combine the worlds of snow and supercars. We’ll admit that Lambos and snow make for unconventional partners, but that’s exactly what makes the concept so much fun.

Now, there's this, an obvious marketing piece for the Aventador S, Lamborghini’s latest iteration of the supercar line. Yes, it has all-wheel drive, but with 730 horsepower and the ground clearance of a gnat’s backside, the last place you’d take it is somewhere with a bunch of snow. So that’s exactly what happens. And since this video is a bit of marketing strategy, you lead with the product. That’s why we don’t see a Lamborghini until nearly a minute into the two-minute clip, and when Aventador does show up, its native Italian V12 language is simply bellissimo. That's not how this is supposed to work, but by golly it sure does.

Check out:

Lamborghini’s theme here is to dare your ego, which this Aventador S driver does by ditching his skis and chasing down the hot dog Extra 300 pilot. Yes, it’s a cheesy gimmick, but as long as we get our vicarious snowbound supercar fix, we totally don’t care.

Source: Lamborghini via YouTube

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