Ideally, everyone would be able to park their prized car inside a climate-controlled garage every night, but for many folks that’s not possible. Now, Lanmodo is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a car-mounted umbrella that would at least provide a little protection from the elements for your vehicle’s paint.

Lanmodo calls this bizarre device the All-in-One Wireless Automatic Car Tent. A large suction cup attaches it to your vehicle's roof. Hooks and loops hang down for extra support from the door handles and side mirrors. A wireless remote commands the device to unfurl at the press of a button. Check out the installation in the clip below.

With the umbrella in place, your car would have protection from rain or hail. Lanmodo also claims that shielding the roof from the sun keeps the cabin cooler. Plus, this device would be a useful shield keeping bird poo off your vehicle’s paint.

As if protecting your car isn’t useful enough, the Automatic Car Tent also transforms for additional uses. When not attached to your vehicle, attachments let owners set up the canopy as a tent, and there’s a USB port inside for charging devices. A silver coating on one side can double as the screen for a projector, too. 

Lanmodo’s Kickstarter is not yet live, but the current preview shores a plethora of support tiers. The Super Early Bird level lets buyers get the basic setup with the All-in-One Wireless Automatic Car Tent, remote control, car charger, and wall charger for as little as $199 (£155). Prices increase up to $269 (£210) the longer people wait. Lanmodo claims the standard package would retail for $399 (around £310).  Additional tiers incorporate more upgrades, like the conversion pieces for the freestanding canopy.

This device could be useful for folks who live in hail-prone areas but can’t put their vehicle in a garage or under a car port. Plus, there's extra usability thanks to the conversion as a tent or canopy during the rest of the year.

Source: Lanmodo

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