Despite being made from wood, the Morgan handles this crash quite well.

There can be a temptation to show off your mates when leaving a local car show, but clips like this one of a Peugeot hitting the rear of a Morgan 4/4 shows why it’s best to suppress the desire of flaunting your vehicle’s performance on public roads.

The clip opens with the Morgan 4/4 leaving a car meet somewhere in the UK. The road appears to be the end of a dual carriageway, with two lanes merging into one. As the Morgan driver pulls out, a Peugeot comes along at a high speed and slams into the back of the roadster. The hatchback even briefly rides up the rear of the Morgan like a ramp.

The Morgan 4/4 celebrated its 80th year of production in 2016, and the Worcestershire car manufacturer has continued to use essentially the same production techniques during that time. A steel ladder frame underpins everything, but Morgan continues to build a wooden sub-frame out of ash that supports many of the metal body panels.

Despite a production process old enough to receive a pension, the mix of wood and metal appears to hold up incredibly well. It's hard to tell from the video, but it looks like the driver probably walked away without any many major injuries.

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Without seeing a wider angle of this crash, it’s somewhat hard to figure out which driver is at fault. Some of the blame might fall of both of them, in fact. The clip suggests the Morgan driver pulled out in front of the Peugeot, putting him at blame, but some are questioning whether the hatchback driver was speeding and could have done more to avoid a collision. Let us know in the comments how you would judge the blame for this crash.

If you're curious about Morgan's mix of wood and metal in the frames of its vehicles, the clip below explains the build process in detail.

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