Rumours of a hotter BMW M2 CS edition have been circulating for a while, and now we have a video with some photos to back it all up. This M2 CS was recently spied getting a rather hefty workout at the Nurburgring, also known as the toughest automotive gym in the world. How do we know this isn’t just a forthcoming facelifted M2? Nothing is confirmed obviously, but this particular M2 seems to be wearing larger steel brakes and an exhaust canister similar to the M3, of which this car also borrows its engine.

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We first got some potential M2 Clubsport edition details late last year from a source close to BMW. It’s said to feature a detuned version of the biturbo 3.0-litre engine from the M3/M4 making 400 horsepower – a 35-horsepower bump from the M2’s current 365-horsepower mill. Accompanying the CS badge would almost certainly be a series of suspension upgrades to fine-tune the M2 into a serious track weapon, along with the requisite aero tweaks for both form and function.

We can clearly see a new front end in this video and captured still shots, but prolific camouflage suggests there is quite a bit more happening. Additional camo on the back suggests revised tail lights are coming, with covering at the bottom possibly being used to try and disguise the exhaust. One thing is for certain though – the suspension is most decidedly getting a complete thrashing courtesy of the driver. The rear steps out just a few seconds into the video, followed by more than a minute of screaming tires and apex-clipping action.

In the eyes of many, the M2 has inherited the essence of the original M3, a car which is still fantastic but has certainly grown larger and heavier through the years. We can’t imagine anyone complaining about an M2 that’s focused even further, but we’ll likely have to wait until 2018 to find out.

Source: Automotive Mike

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