You'll see a behemoth like this on the road someday - but maybe not in the UK.

Infiniti makes abundantly clear that the QX80 Monograph concept debuting at the New York Auto Show is the brand’s vision for the exterior of the next-generation of its largest SUV (the one that isn't - currently - sold in the UK).  The model’s massive size and chiselled styling would certainly look rather, er, imposing on the road.

At over 5 meters long, the QX80 Monograph concept is only slightly shorter than the 5,179mm U.S.-market Cadillac Escalade. The Infiniti is also over 2 meters wide with the mirrors folded, again similar to the Caddy’s 2044mm width.

Infiniti QX80 Monograph
Infiniti QX80 Monograph

The QX80 Monograph accentuates its large size with roughhewn styling that makes it appear sculpted from a single mass of material. In front, Infiniti’s double-arch grille is taller and wider than normal for this vehicle. The resulting large opening with a dark mesh covering makes the SUV appear even more aggressive. The skinny headlights feature individual LED elements that can light up independently. These parts eventually transition into thin strips that flow to the rear-facing cameras. Further down, brushed trim outlines the wing vents behind the front wheels.

At the rear, the designers accent the vehicle’s width yet further by using elements that stretch horizontally. The thin taillights feature individual elements that echo the pieces in the headlights. Wide exhaust outlets incorporate a similar motif into the lower part of the body. 


Infiniti QX80 Monograph


“The QX80 Monograph is an exploration of how we plan to take a step forward in the large SUV segment. This is an important initiative for Infiniti, as the QX80 is popular with buyers in a number of markets — particularly in North America and the Middle East.” Francois Bancon, Infiniti Vice President of Global Product Strategy, said. He makes no mention of Europe: Infiniti may not yet be taking on Range Rover in the UK, then.

Infiniti’s designers focus on the exterior for the QX80 Monograph and make no mention of the interior or the powertrain, either. The body is eye-catching, though, particularly with the frosted-effect paint that mixes the appearance of a satin and a metallic finish. 

Source: Infiniti

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