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The oldest model in Skoda’s lineup, the funky Yeti has been around since 2009 and it will be replaced later this year by an all-new model. Set to become a true compact crossover and (unfortunately) lose most of its distinctive styling cues, the vehicle in question will be positioned underneath the large seven-seat Kodiaq from where it will inherit most of the design.

A new report coming from Germany indicates the VW-owned marque wants to start fresh by ditching the “Yeti” moniker to use “Karoq.” We’re sure not all people are going to agree with this supposed name change as the current title inspired by the mysterious bear is part of the crossover’s charm and at the same time is well-established among Skoda fans. As for the new label, it might have something to do with the “Karroq” village in Albania, although it’s too early to know for sure.

Skoda SUVs for China slideshow
Skoda SUVs for China slideshow

The fresh gossip stems from a “Karoq” trademark registered by Skoda last month with the authorities in charge of intellectual property. Bear in mind the car manufacturer is cooking up two additional crossovers both due until 2019, so it doesn’t necessarily mean “Karoq” will be used for the Yeti replacement. These new high-riding vehicles will take the shape of a Kodiaq Coupe and quite possibly a subcompact crossover. If the Yeti will stick to its beloved name, it likely means Skoda will use "Karoq" for its smaller crossover, which we are inclined to believe since the photos above say "Model K" and "New Yeti," thus suggesting these are two different models.

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As for the car itself, it’s basically going to be Skoda’s version of the Seat Ateca. In typical Skoda fashion, the new compact crossover will probably be more spacious inside the cabin not just for the passengers, but also for their luggage stored in the trunk. Yet another MQB-based product, the Yeti II / Karoq will be powered by an assortment of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, some of which are going to be linked to an optional all-wheel-drive layout.

Expect to see the Yeti replacement break cover at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with sales to begin before the year’s end. We might not actually have to wait that long to check it out as Skoda could decide to reveal the all-new compact crossover several months before.

Note: 2018 Skoda Yeti speculative render pictured

Source: AutoBild