It won't be hard to find Nissan at the New York Auto Show next week.

Nissan is keen to maximise its Star Wars partnership. Already we’ve seen a life-size TIE fighter and a U.S.-market Rogue crossover (called the X-Trail over here) dressed up like an X-Wing fighter. Recently the manufacturer also released a VR video for fans to experience, complete with special effects from the same people who make the Star Wars films look so good. It would seem a natural progression for Nissan to take it up a notch, so at next week’s New York Motor Show there will naturally be a gigantic Death Star floating over the manufacturer’s booth.

"After hosting an extremely successful 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' consumer experience at previous auto shows, we felt it absolutely necessary to host an encore experience in New York," said Jeremy Tucker, vice president, Marketing Communications & Media, Nissan North America, Inc., in a press release. "In response to our alliance with Lucasflim, we've seen a drastic increase in awareness and sales of the 2017 Nissan Rogue. The excitement displayed by consumers visiting these Star Wars-inspired experiences motivates us and drives the Nissan brand forward."

To that end, Tucker isn’t exaggerating in the least. Compared with the same time period from last year, Rogue sales are up 50 percent in 2017, spurred by a limited edition Rogue that includes Star Wars-branded themes and logos. Nissan is the first carmaker to have such a partnership with the movie franchise, all because the manufacturer decided to call its new-for-2007 small crossover Rogue.

Nissan Rogue New York Auto Show
Nissan Rogue New York Auto Show

The Death Star isn’t the only Star Wars item set to appear on Nissan’s display at the upcoming motor show. The one-off X-Wing Rogue will be there, along with a custom-painted Rogue based off the flight suits of rebel X-wing pilots. Attendees can also have a proper virtual reality experience with the recently-released short film, and a special “Digital Mirror Experience” will let attendees see how they look as Stormtroopers or Rogue-inspired robots. To wrap it all up, the automaker plans to have actual Stormtroopers on hand for the closing weekend.

It should be quite the experience; we’ll be sure to check it out during our visit to the show. The New York International Auto Show begins April 14.

Source: Nissan

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