We’ll admit it, Volvo totally got us at first with this clever new commercial. We’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of Volvo’s new compact segment, and this video promising a small coupe had us all fired up. A small Volvo with two doors? The C30 from a few years ago was neat enough, but our minds flashed to the old 200-series, or even better, the P1800. Our friends from the north are certainly long overdue for having something neat, tidy, and properly sporty mixed with sedans and assorted people movers. For the slightest of moments we thought our prayers had been answered.

Then we got to the screen saying “no driving license required”. Damn.

That’s okay though, because the world is filled with mini-Mustangs, Escalades, and pink Barbie Corvettes. For the cool sum of £140, you can dodge those oh-so-obvious choices and outfit your future driver with the Volvo Rider Concept XC Coupe. This all-new single-seater from Sweden is powered by the legs of your 1-3 year-old child, which of course is powered by the sugar content of his-or-her daily meals. It features functional front and rear lights that automatically power off after 10 minutes, and it's equipped with an operational horn so you’ll always know where your tiny driver is. All. The. Time.


Acceleration and top speed depend mostly on gravity, however a speedometer decal indicating a fixed 120 kilometers per hour will ensure your child feels both fast and furious. The posh Volvo is available in either XC Coupe Silver or the ever popular Crash Test orange, the latter of which includes “authentic crash test markings” because at that age accidents do happen, regularly. 

Okay Volvo, now that we’ve got the future generation sorted, let’s get back to talking about a proper sport coupe for the adult children among us. The topic up for discussion was P1800.

Source: Volvo Collection, Volvo via YouTube

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