Ford was one of a number of big-hitting manufacturers that didn’t attend the FIA's Paris meeting, which did attract the likes of VW and Alfa Romeo. Ford Performance director Dave Pericak told that it has no interest in returning to the category in which its iconic DFV engine dominated from the late 60s, and was still winning championships with the powerplant as late as 1982.

It last won the Formula 1 World Drivers’ title as an engine supplier for Michael Schumacher and Benetton in 1994, and its most recent race win came with Jordan in 2003. It is third in the all-time list of F1 Constructors' Champions as an engine supplier, with 10 titles to its name.

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Ford also bought the Stewart Grand Prix team to run under its Jaguar brand from 2000, but the unsuccessful program ended in 2004 when the team was offloaded for just one dollar to Red Bull.

“F1 is definitely not relevant to what we’re trying to do,” said Pericak. “It’s just too far out there. It’s exciting and it’s cool but it’s definitely not something we can apply directly, or very useably anyway, to what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis at Ford. I just don’t see us going back to F1.”

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