The Subaru WRX STI is a four-wheel-drive rally monster that's known for its old-school thrills. Not necessarily for its sophisticated in-car tech and infotainment. But a creative Subaru UK is looking to partly change this perception, by introducing a free in-car internet deal with all new WRX STI. 

If you buy before the end of June, Subaru will throw in a free EE mobile WiFi system, complete with a 30Gb download allowance and a battery that's man enough to survive a full day's streaming. Multiple devices can be connected to it, so it'll easily cope with a trio of tablets all watching YouTube, leaving you to press on and enjoy the STI's gung-ho speed without being nagged (at least until your turbo boxer-engined symmetrical all-wheel-drive enthusiasm makes someone sick). 

Subaru's also rounded up a new PCP deal: find a £3,999 deposit and a WRX STI is yours for £399 a month over four years. It's a 6.6 percent APR deal, though, so it's not quite as sharp as it sounds - after 48 months, if you accept the final payment, the total amount payable will be a £5,653 hike on the car's list price. And you're limited to just 6,000 miles a year. 

It does point out it's one of the few brands to have benefitted from the new VED rules introduced on 1 April, though: yearly car tax rates for the WRX STI have fallen from £520 a year to £140 annually - not bad for a 300-horsepower car with a £31,995 list price. Get the kids to Snapchat that as you Colin McRae it through the supermarket car park.

Source: Subaru

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