The story goes that the former Shah of Iran loved thrashing his Lamborghini Miura, and would outfit it with snow tyres to keep the party going all year (yes, Iran does get surprising amounts of snow.) Paying homage to both the man and machine, the folks at Kidston have put together a short film that doesn’t disappoint in the least.

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Here’s the thing about driving high-performance cars in the snow that tough to understand until you do it. Once you get past that initial fear of having significantly less available grip, few things in life offer such giddy fun as slow-motion, opposite-lock car control in a snow-bound environment. It’s a learning curve for sure, but anyone who loves driving their rear-wheel drive toy in the summer would really love it in the winter.

Just watch this video to see what we mean. Listening to the Lamborghini's V12 being throttled through endless controlled drifts; watching it delicately dancing through the snow. It’s almost enough to make us want to plead for the return of winter. Almost.

Still, if a surprise spring snowstorm were to befall the Motor1 office, we wouldn’t be entirely unhappy.

Source: Kidston

Gallery: Lamborghini Miura in snow