£3 million, or £2.56 million if we’re not taking into account applicable taxes. That’s how much German dealer Auto Seredin from Stuttgart wants for this brand new Bugatti Chiron. Brand new and then some: the vehicle hasn’t even been built yet. As a matter of fact, the deep-pocketed person with the means to buy the 1,500 horsepower machine can still configure the car, should the white & blue theme applied both inside and out not be to their liking.

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By now you are probably wondering why it costs so much when Bugatti wants “only” £2 million, and given that you can still give them a call and place an order for the Chiron. Well, there are two reasons that might justify the premium. The first has to do with the amount of time you'll have to wait to have the car delivered.

You see, even if you place an order today for the Veyron’s replacement, you will have to patiently wait for a couple of years. Bugatti is only planning to build 70 cars in 2017; as it has at least 250 people lined up to get the hypercar, it means new orders are unlikely to be fulfilled until 2019. As for this car, the dealer mentions it’s going to be shipped to its rightful owner (whoever they may be) in the second quarter of 2018.

2018 Bugatti Chiron for sale
2018 Bugatti Chiron for sale

The other reason has to do with the amount of options this particular Chiron has received. Yes, even a car that costs a whopping £2 million still has an options list. The wheels, for example, are an eye-watering £42,700, but if you want the 'French Racing Blue' accents it’s going to cost you an extra £6,400, while the diamond cut finish is an additional £2,100. Painting the brake calipers in black? That'll also be £2,100…

As for the rest of the extras, the carbon engine cover is £12,800 and the rear wing underside in the same French Racing Blue finish is £4,200. It can also be applied onto the horseshoe grille should you be willing to fork out another £5,100. The 'Turquoise Carbon look of the wing mirrors is going to set you back a further £6,800. And then there’s the interior: £42,700 for the leather and carbon fibre along with a hefty £21,300 for the seats.

Doing the maths, this Chiron has no less than £147,000 worth of options specified. You could buy an Audi R8 for that money and still have some money left to feed its thirsty V10 for a while.

Source: Auto Seredin via Carscoops

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