In the penultimate episode of the web series 'Fahrschule (driving school) Furious', Michael Schumacher’s son Mick has to learn how to perform an overtaking manoeuvre. Once again, he’s behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG A45 while the car in front of him is, unsurprisingly, another model with the three-pointed star badge, a GLC compact crossover.

While driving on the German autobahn, “Quick Mick” gets a phone call from none other than Mesut Özil who plays for Arsenal where “the English don’t even know how to play football,” according to driving instructor Markus Stoll aka “Harry G”. Well, quite. After asking his instructor about Mick’s driving skills and giving him some basic tips, the 28-year-old player says something that not all people are going to agree with: “the best ones [cars] come from Stuttgart”. While that’s obviously a nod to Mercedes-Benz, let’s not forget that Porsche also has its factory there.

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When asked by his driving instructor to overtake the white GLC in front of him, Mick Schumacher steps on the accelerator of the 375-hp hot hatch a bit too much. Unfortunately for him, he’s in a restricted area of the Autobahn. Cue a speed camera to catch him going over whatever the limit is in that area.

The fifth and final episode about Mick’s road to getting his driver’s license now that he’s 18 will be out in a few days. The Mercedes brand ambassador has been involved in racing since 2008 when he started off in karting before progressing to the ADAC Formula 4 in 2015. This year, he is going to take part in the Formula 3 championship with the Prema Powerteam, which starts on April 14-16 at Silverstone.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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